Friday, January 7, 2011

All At Sea

"I am all at sea where no one can bother me" are first lyrics in Jaimie Cullum's sing All At Sea.
I can relate. I want to be all at sea where no one can bother me. I want to soak up the sun, the smell, the sound of the sea.
Sounds as though this is going to be an all about me day today. Selfish or necessary? Necessary. I took a road trip last summer and drove around Lake Michigan capturing the many lighthouses that dot the landscape. Armed with 20 hours of 70's music, plenty of photo equipment and the road trip must - Wheat Thins and canned cheese, this was and awesome way to regroup, cleanse the stress and soothe the soul. I recommend that everyone take a "me" trip Jaimie Cullum seems to concur as well. " I am all at sea where no-one can bother me. Forget my roots if only for a day. Just me and my thoughts sailing far away".

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