Thursday, January 20, 2011

Know Who You Are

"Sometimes when you are really lonely, you really feel alive and you feel like you know who you are." ~ Unknown
This is the exact reason I love to go to the North Shore in the capture the beauty and emmerce myself in the solitude of nature.
Shortly after sunrise, it was 4 degrees and absolutely beautiful sitting on the rocks over looking the magnificent Lake Superior. I sat here, in the snow for almost and hour, losing myself in the moment.
Many of my friends question my trips that I take alone, but it moments like this where you really do feel alive and find, at least a few clues to who your really are.


  1. what a gorgeous image, and i think i know what you mean about being alone, especially in nature... :)

  2. Yes Karen I know what you mean I have come near that place when I am hiking in the mountains.
    Love this shot a magical place

  3. I feel this way too, Karen. I enjoy people and love being around them, but I enjoy being alone, just as much. I visited your website today and just sat there crying as I listened to that beautiful Mary Chapin Carpenter song...Between Here and Gone. I hope you don't mind, but I'd really like to use that song this weekend on my blog and point people in your direction. I am so glad you fill this world with your beauty in quotes, music, and photography. It's what I love best, in all the world and I am so thankful to have stumbled upon you this morning.

  4. Hi Karen, this is Mary Boomgaarden, I just checked out your blog and this photo of the lighthouse is beautiful. I too like being alone sometimes and one day hope to make a journey like this someday in the near future.