Sunday, January 2, 2011

Last American Cowboy

I just finished watching an extrordinary series called The Last American Cowboy. It was a
phonemenal show that followed three Montana Ranchers for one year. Boy, if anyone ever thought that the cowboy life is Hollywood glamorous, think again. They are probably the hardest working folks on the planet. They aren't doing it to get rich...that for sure. It is hertiage and tradition. This life is passed from one generation to the is the cowboy way.
After spending the past 3 years with the MRA, I have seen first hand how important family and traditions are. This image of a grandfather and grandson really depict this passing of the torch and assures us that the American Cowboy will be around for generations to come.

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  1. Tradition, I love the thought of it. For example, the ranching tradition. Though in my family it has changed dramatically through the years. But the one tradition that I see very little change in is, God and Family. I say God first for I am a Christian and family second because without God, no family exists. Yet family is where we learn and pass on the traditions that keep us together with God. And I also see these traditions displayed so often in your works of art Karen. And I am honored to consider you as a family member of Christ.