Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time's Caught Up On You

Another night, another place, Another limbo where you've fallen from grace. No you don't cut it like you used to. Look's like time's caught up on you ~ Gerry Rafferty.

A sad day yesterday, Gerry Rafferty died. He was an incredible singer/song writer from the 70's that battled with alcoholism - these are lyrics from his 2009 and last album release.

Another icon from my youth, this building, the Peterson Biddick building in my hometown was torn down. As I am quite sure that everyone is Wadena is cheering that this old place is gone, but the photographer in me is quite sad. Even though it has seen better days...I remember those better days..the hustle and bustle of farmers coming and going. The feed mill in any town was the center hub of every small town and in it's time, I am sure that many of the world's problems were solved here.

So in the the words of Gerry Rafferty, it looks like times caught up on you.

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