Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We Understand

" In youth we learn; In age we understand" ~ Marie Von Ebner- Eschenbach.

When I started this blog, I in no way intended it to be a dumping site for my rodeo images. Going back through the couple of thousand photos, I have really been drawn to not the action shots but the casual images. The images that seem to tell the story of this iconic somewhat heroic group of people.

Having grown up watching cowboy legends such as Tom Mix, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and of course the Duke, I now understand why most of us our mesmerized by this lifestyle. With all of the technology and just how fast life moves these days; the cowboy way seems to take us back to a time in our youth that on a Saturday night we were content with just hanging out with friends, perhaps sitting on a fence and just "be".

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